Art Exhibition Posters and Flyers

Client: Myself

Year: Since 2013

Posters and Flyers

Client: Cosmic Space Girl

Year: Since 2013

Seedcard illustrations

Client: Gorilla Gardening

Year: 2015

Birth cards

Client: Private Persons

Year: 2018 / 2016

Poster and flyer
Client: Globaler Klimaaktionstag
Year: 2015

Several Waldshop projects

Client: Diverse

Year: 2013 - 2017

Poster and cinema advertising

Client: Comix Remix

Year: 2011

Illustration for a wooden Puzzle

Client: Kulturmagazin 041

Year: 2014

Brochures for concerts

Client: Trio Sonora

Year: 2014 / 2019

Illustrations for the concert series "Cellissimo"

Client: Konservatorium Winterthur

Years: Since the 90ies

Brand design for the "Lenggenwiler" cheese

Client: Käserei Lenggenwil

Year: 2014