Sketchbook Selection Vol. 1

Straight out of the Sketchbook, mostly inspired by bar people and public transport.

Year: 2018

60 pages

Some Professor with Guests

Inspired by Jule Vernes Captain Nemo, this "some" Professor is a genius, but very antisocial to his guests. The booklet presents the trio in different situations as an opening for future books.

Year: 2016

22 pages

Some Professor - Into the Abyss

There are six Paintings which will be the plot scenes of a future comic.

Year: 2018

Der Hasi

Inspired by the mafia genre in film, Der Hasi lives the classic life of a wise guy.

Year: 2015

22 pages

There are seven additional artworks which we exhibited with at the Grafik '16 in Zurich


This was an Exhibition about an inexistent Exhibition.

Year: 2015

24 Cardboard Characters

Gare d'Orion

25 years Remise - Gare de Lion

Year: 2014

4 pages

Tor zur Baselstrasse

for the Blutt magazine

Year: 2010

4 pages