Born in 1981, grown up in Lenggenwil SG, I am a drawing enthusiast since my early childhood. 

In 1989 my first steady comic character faced life, running through my yearly books I made for family and friends.

At the age of 13, I made the decision to become a professional illustrator and started to work on commission. I drew for multiple people, the newspaper of my gymnasium, teaching materials and then discovered animation. In 1999, my first exhibition took place. 

2002-03, History of Art, University of Zürich; 03-04 Prep Course, Schule für Gestaltung St. Gallen, 04-05 Ethnology, University of Zürich, 05-06 Free Art, F+F Zürich, 06-10 Animation Design, HSLU Luzern. 

Since my Bachelor of Arts in Animation Design, 2010, HSLU Luzern, I work as a freelancer in Illustration, Animation and Film. In 2011 I started to exhibit my Cardboard Art.

Feel free to have a look at some of my works and to get in touch.
Cornelius M. Heinzer